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Optojump Next makes it possible:

  • to assess an athlete’s performance and physical condition 
  • to rapidly identify any muscular deficiencies and measure tolerance to various work loads 
  • to develop customized and diversified training based on the test results  
  • to periodically check the results of training 
  • to create a database of athletes in order to compare them with each other or to compare the results of a particular athlete in different periods of time in order to objectively determine the results of training
  • to examine the physical condition of an athlete after an injury, to develop specific actions for rehabilitation and check its progress
  • to motivate athletes by giving them tangible proof of the progress made, thus stimulating fruitful competition inside the group 
  • to significantly reduce the trainer’s workload, at the same time allowing him/her to retrieve at any time the results of tests performed even months before 
  • to make use of an objective “judgement” when talent-scouting or choosing athletes
  • and much more…