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Counter Movement Jump

Aim of Test
Evaluation of explosive force
Test which involves a single jump starting from an upright position with hands on hips and with counter movement.
  1. Rest hands on hips (to measure leg performance instead of arm performance)
  2. Stand straight up for 1-2 seconds
  3. Jump as high as you can!
  4. Land with normal flexion and stand still in neutral position for 1..2 seconds
Single jump starting with straight legs and performing a natural flexion before takeoff. In the counter movement jump during the breaking phase elastic energy is stored in the muscles and tendons and then utilised in the following propulsion (concentric) phase.
Parameters acquired
Flight time, height reached from center of gravity
The difference between the values for center of gravity found in the Squat Jump and the CMJ gives an idea of the athlete’s “elastic” qualities.