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New software version 1.2.15 fixes an issue with Logitech Webcams C920

How to fix webcam issue after windows 10 1803 update

The 1.12 release introduces two new protocols and some other minor changes

Possible issues with webcams after Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The big news of the "Spring Release 2015" is undoubtedly the new Gyko inertial sensor and the new static (sway) protocols and tests. The BioFeedback module continues the evolution of OptoJump Next as a working tool as well as an instrument of diagnosis, while the Witty RFID device facilitates and accelerates testing with many patients.

OptoJump Next  with 3 cm resolution is no more produced and it is discontinued.

The "Spring Release 2014" brings several new elements to the table, such as the Media Gallery, Statistics Charts, the metronome, March in Place protocol!

Microgate USA is proud to announce the certification and collaboration with TB12 Sports Therapy Center of Foxboro Massachusetts

Justine Dufour-Lapointe is a Canadian freestyle skier from Montréal, Quebec. She is the reigning Olympic champion in the moguls event, and she's training with OptoJump Next at BFS.

The famous American Sports Academy starts to use OptoJump Next

This season, the Trail Blazers NBA team began using OptoGait, a biomechanics evaluation system. WSJ dedicates a long article about Damian Lillard workout.
The two italian tennis player (World No. 1 in doubles in the WTA Tour Rankings) in a OptoGait test session
On The Quest For Glory

Version 1.8 introduces important changes regarding the use of the 2D bars with OptoJump, the use of external devices - such as heart-rate monitors - and the Witty timer and much more.

After patch MS13-057/KB 2803821/KB 2834904 videos are blank or rendered half-size.

Session of "Load & Explode" tests fot the Italian Soccer Team

Some interesting news for this year-end release

Another "Top Star Athlete" uses OptoJump Next

Press release of recent published articles.

Bigger Faster Stronger publishes on their magazine interesting materials about OptoJump Next

Test on Windows virtual machines on Apple Mac systems

Watch as track star Lolo Jones uses cutting edge technology like OptoJump Next
to help in her training, in a sport where mere hundredths of a second can be the difference between glory and going home.

New webcams supported, data compression, and much more...

Among other new features, the new version introduces the 'Run Report', the Parameter Template, and a new protocol.

Our american partner SRC Sales creates funny and didactic videos.

Christophe Lemaitre, Europe Champion of 100m and 200m

The new software version introduces two interesting protocols for evaluating 'dynamic stability', speed and agility training.

The Chinese version of the famous sports magazine Sports Illustrated dedicates a page to OptoJump Next

An intermediate release (1.3.20) introducing important new features

OptoJump Next is now on Facebook

The new software update (1.3) has been released, with many new features and improvements

The new 1.2 software version with many new features is available.
Kentico, a famous Software House in the CMS branch, publish a case study about our portal
Two new photo- & videogallery are online
Some interesting case studies of several sports and samples of test typologies are published
User Manual | 7/17/2009

English User Manual now available

The Cuban Dayron Robles, Olympic champion and world record holder on the 110 hurdles, participated in a biomechanical evaluation test with 30m of Optojump Next and Microgate's photocells.

Optojump Next was used for evaluating professional youth players from clubs in the CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) during one of the greatest basketball training camps in China