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New Image Management

Step 1

Double-click on a video frame to access the Image Analysis.
If you are viewing a 'Comparison' of two tests, you can press CTRL+double-click to import the two images displayed in the editor.


Step 2

After having created any graphical notes using the available tools, press 'Add to Report'.


Step 3

Add a title (caption) to the image.


Step 4

Add a detailed note to the image.


Step 5

Press the green EXIT button below, return to the test viewing, and then press PRINT to display the report.

By clicking on the 'Image' section in the report, the pictures will be displayed with their titles and notes.

The 'Images' button on the left side of the screen takes you back to the section where this information can be edited.


Step 6

A black bounding box around the image shows which is the CURRENT image.
The 2 buttons MoveUp and MoveDown act on this image and allow it to vary the order of presentation in the report.

With the Recycle Bin and Edit icons you can delete an image or modify the captions and the note.